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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a collection of the most frequent questions that our users have asked us. Please consult this list if you have a general question about our service because chances are, someone has had the same question in the past :)

Can I display adgridwork Ads on the same page as Google Adsense?

If adgridwork is free, how do you plan on making a living off of it?

Getting Started

What do I need to register?

Does it cost anything to use this site?

So I registered...Now what?

Login Problems

I forgot my password.

I try logging in but nothing happens.

Using adgridwork

How do I display ads on my site?

How do I get my ad on your site?

How do I get my ad to be displayed frequently on other sites? (What is a Rank?)

What are Metrics? (Conversions, Impressions, CTR, etc...)

Why does the Site Summary say my website is Dormant?

You keep mentioning Ad Code. What is this and where do I find it?

I just updated my existing site and now the ads on my site are all screwy. How do I fix this?

Inserting Ad Code Into Your Site

Inserting our Ad Code into a / BlogSpot Blog

Inserting our Ad Code into a GooglePages Site

Inserting our Ad Code into a Wordpress Blog

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